Dalston's makes first move into alcohol with hard seltzer range

Dalston’s Soda Co is extending into alcohol for the first time with the launch of a hard seltzer range.

The company launched a no-added-sugar seltzer range in January last year and now it is extending its expertise in lower calorie and additive-free drinks into the alcoholic sector.

Dan Broughton, co-founder, said: “With a range of award-winning real fruit seltzers in our current line-up, we felt it would be rude not to join the party.”

Unlike most US Hard seltzer brands, which are made using a fermentation process, Dalston’s has taken direction from its existing fan base, who enjoy mixing their current range of seltzers with premium spirits such as gin or vodka at home.

Co-founder, Duncan O’Brien, said: “By adding a quality triple distilled pure malt vodka base to our existing award-winning seltzer recipes, we’ve found we can make a delicious, low calorie, no added sugar alcoholic option for our fans to enjoy whilst in weekend mode.”

The company is launching a hard seltzer duo, comprising Rhubarb and Grapefruit real squeezed fruit flavours. Both are less than 99 calories per can.

O’Brien said: “The lack of basic nutritional content information on alcohol packaging is a contentious subject and is something that has always troubled me. Consumers deserve full transparency of the products that they buy – especially in these times when we’re even more sedentary than usual.”

Broughton added: “Our goal is to build up the groundswell for a better tasting Hard Seltzer alternatives, which is critical to driving repeat purchase and building a long term successful category.” 

Dalston’s Hard Seltzers are launching in October 2020, initially online via the producer’s web shop and Amazon, as well as independent stores across the country.

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