Nick Jackson MW launches The School of Taste

Nick Jackson MW is launching The School of Taste, a global online wine education platform offering live interactive webinar tasting courses and pre-recorded content to wine professionals and students as well as amateur enthusiasts.

The School’s courses will be based on his new way of tasting wine by identifying structure rather than flavours, as defined in his first book, Beyond Flavour: The Indispensable Handbook to Blind Wine Tasting published earlier this year.

Starting on September 14, the first courses are available to book now and Jackson is offering wine education sponsorships to cover 50% of the course costs for all BAME students.

The School of Taste is different from other wine education schools because of the new approach to tasting wine, according to Jackson.

He said: “Rather than focusing on the flavours of a wine as the primary means of identifying the origin and grape variety of which the wine is composed, I teach an approach based on assessing a wine’s structure. For white wines, that means acid structure, and for red wines, tannin structure. “Each major variety has a slightly different structure, and by assessing that, it is possible to distinguish varieties from one another without recourse to flavours, which can be inconsistent and unreliable markers.”

First introduced to wine at Cambridge University where he helped run the wine society, Jackson then went on to work at Sotheby’s, where, in 2018, he was awarded the best wine list in New York City at the Wine-Searcher retailer awards, shortly afterwards gaining his MW, passing both the theory and tasting exams at the first attempt.

His accessible presentation style means The School of Taste courses can be easily followed by anyone interested in wine, although Jackson feels, from personal experience, that they will be particularly beneficial to those studying for WSET, MW and MS qualifications who want to develop their blind tasting skills, by offering them a totally different perspective.

Webinars can either be streamed live or the recording watched later on-demand, courses can be booked either in a 6-week bundle or by individual webinars on subjects of particular interest, and it’s not essential to purchase the wines, although students are encouraged to do so to take advantage of the tasting along with Jackson and benefitting from his 10 years of experience working with the world’s finest wines.

To launch the platform, The School of Taste is offering the following two 6-week courses comprising a weekly tasting webinar, all hosted by Jackson himself, starting next week and available for purchase here.

Wine Tasting by Structure, which uses the principles outlined in his book, Beyond Flavour, to examine how acid structure in white wines and tannin structure in red wines influence a wine’s taste and can help tasters to distinguish between different varieties

Tasting around the World, which explores how six important international varieties taste differently when grown in different wine producing regions around the world. The impact of climate, geography and winemaking styles in producing very different tasting wines from the same variety will be discussed.

In addition to The School of Taste, Jackson also runs Vintage Variation, a wine advisory and events business for private clients and wine industry professionals.

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