De Bortoli debuts sustainably-produced wine range

De Bortoli Wines has launched a range of three sustainably produced wines under the new label, 17 Trees. 

The Australian family winemaker, which has a history in “eco-innovative” wine production, said the vegan-friendly range is supporting essential tree regeneration projects in Australia via a commitment to plant one tree for every six bottles sold.

Building upon De Bortoli’s first sustainability project in 2008 – a commitment to plant 17 trees for each company vehicle to offset the carbon effects of its fleet – the 17 Trees range, which includes a Shiraz, Pinot Grigio and  Chardonnay, exemplifies the company’s ongoing efforts to innovate and excel in the area of sustainable viniculture.

As a result of the recent Australian bushfires, more than 11 million hectares of land across Australia has burned. The launch of 17 Trees represents a timely collaboration amongst De Bortoli, the company’s suppliers, distributors, and customers to support efforts to replant lost trees and rebuild the Australian bushland.

De Bortoli has partnered with not-for-profit organisation Trillion Trees to plant native trees for a sustainable future, in the hope of contributing to rebuild the Australian bushland lost during the 2019-2020 bushfire season.

The 17 Trees lightweight wine bottles are crafted from recycled glass bottles. They feature labels printed on recycled paper created from natural fibre-based pulp derived from sugar cane waste and packed in recycled packaging materials.

The range includes 17 Trees Shiraz, which is deep and bright crimson red appearance. The palate is described as being rich with ripe dark fruits and mocha oak. It is full and generous with refined tannins and a lengthy finish.

The 17 Trees Pinot Grigio is light straw in colour, with a lively palate, soft acidity, fresh, and finishing with tropical flavours.

And 17 Trees Chardonnay is said to be have complex aromas of white peach, grilled nuts and citrus. It has a textural, creamy palate with a fine acid finish.

Darren De Bortoli, managing director of De Bortoli Wines, said: “Sustainability is at the core of the De Bortoli Wines’ drive for innovation, and we’re widely recognised and commended for our endeavours to become a Zero Waste Wine Company.

“Through initiatives including wise water management, energy efficiency and improved waste management over the past 15 years we’re demonstrating our commitment to a future where great wine and a healthy environment can be enjoyed by everyone.” 

De Bortoli is in the early process of converting a number of vineyards to organic with the increased use of biological farming practices to grow the best grapes efficiently, safely and sustainably.

To support the launch of 17 Trees, De Bortoli will release 17 stories across social media channels highlighting their extensive sustainability initiatives and journey to producing environmentally friendly and delicious wines. Consumers will be able to learn more about the finer details of wine production at De Bortoli and how the wine company has opted for a cleaner, greener future.  

17 Trees is targeting retail channels with an RRP of £9.00.  For trade enquiries, please contact North South Wines.

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