Forest Road to end contract brewing with own London site

London’s Forest Road brewery has begun ground works on a new production site which it aims to have operational in early 2021.

The new brewery is in South Bermondsey on the site of what was once the largest tea company in the world.

Brewery founder Pete Brown said the site would have the capacity to produce 30,000hl a year but expects to make only around 11,000hl in the first year.

Forest Road’s beers have been made under contract since the company was formed in 2015.

Brown (pictured left with brewer James Garstang) said the aim was to make porter, dark lager, barley wine and “a rude-boy IPA” in addition to its core beers, Work pale ale and Posh lager.

“I am into nuanced, subtly complex, drinkable beers,” said Brown.

“James and I both appreciate the cradle of tight, subtle yet confident flavour profiles in beers made for drinking. 

“I have been focussed on this since inception. I like drinkable beers.

“We’re going to christen the kit with a barley wine with as much grist as I can possibly put in it and then rack that into barrels to forget about. 

“Then we will start cracking into the first batches of Posh and Work done on our own system.

“We are undoubtedly going to belt out a rude-boy IPA in the autumn, and we really want to start exploring dark and amber lagers and porters when it turns cold.

“Customers can expect what they get now, but a 20% increase in quality. 

“Our beer is going to be so clean you'll be able to see your own reflection in it from a bar table away.”

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