Buyers Guide to Cider

Over the past few months consumer trends have changed dramatically, with shops reporting a surge in demand for flour, pasta makers and bicycles alongside a drive towards online and convenience shopping.

The latter has worked well for cider shoppers – convenience stores across the country have worked hard o ensure their chiller cabinets and aisles are constantly stocked up, with multipack formats of cider doing particularly well. 

Producers and retailers are unanimous in describing this period as “challenging”, but the hard graft from all corners of the cider industry could help shape the long-term prospects for this category. The latest data for off-trade cider sales for June shows both value and volume sales have returned to growth, with value up 1% [Nielsen]. This is the first sign of value growth since June 2019, when only 0.5% was recorded, so it’s a positive sign for the category.

This month the on-trade will start to open back up and consumers are expected to cautiously begin to switch some of their cider consumption from the home back into the pub environment. 

The off-trade still has a good opportunity to keep cider sales buoyant but this could be a pivotal point. Retailers will need to ensure shelves are well stocked and chiller cabinets have a good selection of ciders, particularly if the sun shines.

This supplement highlights the ways producers have had to adapt their businesses to manage these new expectations from consumes. It also features comments from retailers to indicate the hurdles they have to overcome.

We have shone the light on some of the NPD of recent months – including variants launched during lockdown - and we have looked at brands which been consistently selling well in the past year, to give an idea of what consumers are looking for.

Innovation continues but cider now has more distinct segments than ever before, and this should help to make it easier for bother retailers and consumes to find what they want while exploring new areas.


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