William Grant & Sons reveals chance to win rare edition of Tullamore DEW

William Grant & Sons is celebrating ten years of ownership of the Irish whiskey brand Tullamore DEW by offering consumers the chance to win a rare edition from a ‘no longer available’ very limited batch of whiskey.

The brand, which the company acquired in 2010, has gone from strength to strength over the last decade with sales more than doubling. It is now the second largest Irish whiskey brand in the world, according to William Grant.

The Tullamore Distillery was established in 1829 but it closed in 1954 when global Irish sales declined. William Grant opened the new distilling premises in 2014 and a carved phoenix – to symbolise rebirth – now sits at the entrance of the Tullamore DEW Distillery.

The Phoenix now forms part of the 10-year anniversary celebrations. The brand is offering people the chance to win the much sought-after Phoenix blend, which is a rare addition from a very limited batch that is no longer available to purchase.

This “legendary cask strength expression” is said to showcase a “wonderful combination of American and European oak” used in the maturation of the triple blend liquid.

The special bottle was first launched in 2014 to celebrate the reopening of the distillery.

To add to the occasion, the brand has commissioned Irish artist Claudine O’Sullivan to create an illustration of the Tullamore DEW Phoenix. Twenty lucky entrants who enter to win the Phoenix bottle will receive a signed original print from the artist as a runner up prize. All entrants to the overall competition will receive an electronic version of the print via email, which they can print at home.

To enter the competition fans need to visit the website and explain what their ‘rising from the ashes’ moment will be, and what they are most looking forward to after Covid-19 restrictions are lifted: www.tullamoredew.com/RisingFromTheAshes
The competition runs from now until July 5.

Global brand director, Chin Ru Foo, said; ‘We decided to focus our anniversary celebrations on the Phoenix as, under the current circumstances, it feels very apt.

“The phoenix represents news beginnings, rebirth and hope, sentiments that are very much sought after these days. Tullamore DEW is a brand that has gone through many evolutions and has achieved so much since it was established in 1829. Through all this change, the brand has remained true to its character and history, keeping the story of the phoenix at its core.”

She continued: “We are delighted to offer this precious bottle of the Tullamore DEW Phoenix blend from our archives to one lucky competition entrant. We created Tullamore DEW Phoenix, inspired by the phoenix which appears on Tullamore town’s coat of arms, to celebrate the ultimate courage and optimism of the Tullamore people, who rebuilt their town after the world’s first recorded air disaster in 1785.

“As part of the celebrations, we’re delighted to partner with the amazing artist Claudine O’Sullivan who created the Tully Phoenix print. She’s really embodied Tullamore DEW’s character and spirit through her work and she captures the hope that the phoenix represents at this moment time.”

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