Family-run Two Brooks enters the hard seltzer fray

Another new brand is seeking to make its mark in the emerging hard seltzer market.

Two Brooks has been founded by siblings Fabio and Francesca Bruni who have left jobs in the commercial and political insurance industries to start the new venture, having been inspired to have a crack at the alcoholic sparkling water market after seeing the US boom on business trips.

The 4% abv brand comes in Passion Star, Mango Hi-Ball and Lime Cooler versions, with 25cl cans expected to retail at around £2.50.

The range is UK-made from 100% natural ingredients and is vegan and gluten-free.

The drinks have an alcohol base made from apples, with sparkling water and natural flavours added.

Managing director Fabio Bruni said: “Alcoholic sparkling water fills a gap in the market for spirit-mixer drinkers who want to venture beyond their usual drink and try something new.

“With the rise of cocktail culture, flavour innovation in the gin category, and the premiumisation of canned alcohol driven by craft beer, alcoholic sparkling water has the perfect launchpad in the UK.

“The Two Brooks range includes flavours that not only are we personally passionate about, but they are also able to be produced without requiring any artificial preservatives, flavourings, or sweeteners, ensuring we can provide everyone with a 100% natural product.

“Unlike vodka sodas, you don’t get any harshness in the throat or taste of alcohol as the alcohol base we use is very smooth and subtle.

“This is then perfectly rounded off with a crispness akin to a dry white wine.”

Major producers including AB-Inbev, Gallo, Molson Coors and Diageo have entered the fledgling hard seltzers market as have a number of start-up brands including White Claw, Island Bay and Long Shot.

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