Matthew Jukes adds to premium cordials range

Matthew Jukes is adding a limited-edition Summer Rosé variant to hits “sophisticated drinks range”, Jukes Cordialities.

Jukes 8 Is the third in his non-alcoholic range, which is designed for people who want to “maintain their high standards of taste and pleasure, even when they are not indulging in alcohol”.

Jukes 8 is Jukes’ take on a modern rosé, with a nod to the hallmarks and historical triggers of some of his favourite Provence wines.

The drink is made from a range of organic ingredients and it requires delicate layering of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices in order to evoke the aromas and flavours of a wild Provencal countryside.

Jukes said: “I have been thrilled with the explosion in interest in Jukes Cordialities, both nationally and internationally. We are only six months on from our launch and we are in talks with seven overseas territories, and counting, regarding sales and distribution of Jukes to the luxury sector, top-end restaurants and hotels and also private clients.

“The launch of Jukes 8, my paean to Provençal rosé, with 0.0% alcohol and only 13 kcal per 100ml pour, has been a whirlwind of activity and it has generated a huge reaction from the public as they want to taste the ‘rosé, to go alongside Jukes 1 (the ‘white’) and Jukes 6 (the ‘red’).”

He added: “Jukes 8 is a limited edition, released for this summer. As we are all prohibited from visiting Provence on our holidays this year, Jukes 8 can bring the aromas and flavours safely to your doorstep.”

Jukes Cordialities is available to buy directly from for £35 a box, with each box containing 12 bottles of one or two servings, depending on preference.

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