Aldi makes first foray into alcohol-free spirits

Aldi has launched its first alcohol-free spirit.

Aldi’s Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit, which will be in stores from May 7, costs £9.99 per bottle. The drink is also vegan, sugar-free and low in calories.

The retailer's first foray into this market indicates it is confident that growth will continue in this in this popular segment of alcohol-free drinks. The category currently only has a handful of brands and Aldi's newcomer offers a more affordable entry price for those wanting to add these drinks to their repertoire. 

The alcohol-free pink spirit is handcrafted using a complex blend of ingredients, according to the retailer. It has been inspired by Nordic traditions of copper pot distilled with silver birch and other fresh foraged botanicals.

The prevailing flavours include juniper and orange peel, balanced with forest notes and infused with herbs and spiced bitters.

A spokesperson for Aldi said: “For those looking to refresh their taste buds, the Kvist Rosa works beautifully when served with a Mediterranean tonic, citrus rind and a sprig of red currants over ice, to enhance and boost the invigorating flavours of this non-alcoholic spirit. Delish!”

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