Glasgow Distillery Co introduces botanical vodka duo

The Glasgow Distillery Company has launched a new range of vodka, which takes inspiration from gin.

G52 Botanical Vodka has two expressions: G52 Fresh Citrus and G52 Rich Coffee. The former has zesty botanicals including fresh grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange, as well as rosehip and fresh ginger. The latter is distilled with Colombian coffee beans, cacao nibs, tonka beans and fresh oranges.

The range has been created to encourage cocktail experimentation.

Mike Hayward, brand director and co-founder, said: “This is a handcrafted vodka that uses fresh botanicals sourced from around the world to give real depth of flavour. Authenticity and transparency are extremely important to us at Glasgow Distillery and that’s why we never use anything artificial in the making of G52 Botanical Vodka, or indeed in any of our spirits. 

“The rise in popularity and availability of gin over the last few years has created a large consumer base who are constantly seeking to explore and discover new drinking experiences. We are all much more educated on botanicals and distillation methods, with provenance and authenticity becoming key indicators of quality over the last few years in particular.

 “In light of this, we wanted to create an experimental range of vodka that explores various botanicals and offers the consumers exciting new flavours, proving thatvodka doesn’t have to be one dimensional in flavour. We’re especially excited to see how consumers mix and pair our cocktails as they naturally make perfect bases for a wide variety of cocktails.”

The 40% abv G52 Botanical Vodka duo are priced at £25 each for 70cl.