Investor behind Goop and Snapchat backs low-alcohol start-up company

Global investment firm Lightspeed Venture Partners has selected The Clean Liquor Company from a group of 50 international producers to become “the global leader in the no and low-alcohol category”.

Lightspeed, which is the investor company behind global brands such as Snapchat and Goop, is investing in The Clean Liquor Co to help the start-up company tap into growing consumer demand for no and low-alcohol drinks. 

Nicole Quinn, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners, said: “I look for businesses that are doing things differently, but that are not just disruptive but rather represent a generational behavioural shift. We want to build a business for the long run.”

Spencer Matthews, founder of The Clean Liquor Company commented: “The Clean Liquor Company was born out of a passion to make no and low-alcohol products positive. Rather than non-alcoholic, non-flavour, non-fun, we wanted to create something that answered the demand for quality and flavour but without the negative effects of alcohol.” 

The Clean Liquor Company launched in the UK in November last year and it said it has already sold out twice since that date. It is now stocked in 496 Sainsbury’s stores and some on-trade outlets. It is currently looking at expanding internationally.

The company’s flagship product is “the world’s first premium ultra low alcohol CleanGin", which is 1.2% abv and contains only two calories per measure. The next product in its pipeline of launches is a rum. 

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