Broadland Wineries becomes Broadland Drinks to reflect evolving NPD

Broadland Wineries has changed its name to Broadland Drinks to reflect the changing nature of its business and it is also launching two new products.

The new products have been created with the help of Kat Hall, who joined the company six months ago as its product innovation specialist.

The first is La Fiesta, described as a “celebration perry”, and the second is No Ordinary, a multi-country brand which offers lesser-known grape varieties from well-known countries and well-known grape varieties from lesser-known countries.

The company will also be extending its range of botanical and fruit fusion drinks into cans, following the introduction of its new canning line in February and it has plans to introduce a number of no and low alcoholic drinks in a variety of formats this year. The wide-ranging NPD will sit under the company’s new name Broadland Drinks.

Mark Lansley, chief executive, said: “The changes in consumer behaviour and priorities are accelerating and this is opening up many opportunities for our company. So, in addition to Broadland Drinks current wines and perries, the company will soon be offering other types of exciting and innovative rinks in a variety of formats.”

Broadland Drinks has a team of 160 people based across the UK and USA. The company saw an annual growth in revenue of 11.6% to £70 million to March 2019.