Liqueur sales reached £1.3 billion in 2019

Sales of liqueurs hit their highest ever level over the last 12 months, with 43 million bottles sold to a total value of £1.3 billion.

The latest WSTA figures show that throughout 2019 a total of 18 million bottles of cream liqueurs were sold, and 25 million bottles of non-cream liqueurs were sold, a growth of 4% on 2018, which had already been pipped as a successful year for this category.

The growth can be attributed to the growing interest in colourful cocktails, “perfect for Instagram”, although the strong sales have not been restricted to the on-trade as non-cream liqueur sales in UK shops and supermarkets also grew and this is now valued at a quarter of a billion pounds.

Miles Beale, chief executive of the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, said: “Last year the WSTA highlighted that liqueurs have often been overlooked in the spirits category, but our sales data shows a renewed interest from UK consumers.

"The liqueur category covers an array of colours making liqueur drinks very instagrammable. We expect further growth in 2020 as Brits continue to experiment with new and exciting drinks choices and share their finds on social media.”

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