J&B Rare taps into hard seltzer trend

J&B Rare is tapping into the hard seltzer trend by championing the versatility and “blendability” of the Scotch whisky brand.

J&B Rare is described as “a smooth blended Scotch”, which the producer said can be transformed by the addition of tonics or sodas and a touch of bitters.

Drinks experts Neil Ridley and Joel Harrison have teamed up with J&B Rare to host a series of masterclasses highlighting the versatility of the brand.

The inaugural event kicked off in London in November at whisky bar Black Rock, where guests were treated to a selection of serves and tasked with blending their own hard seltzers.

Ridley said: “We firmly believe that the Hard Seltzer is the next big trend in drinks in the UK. With this masterclass we want to encourage guests to explore the versatility of Scotch whisky, with a very on-trend look at the hard seltzer and how J&B Rare can be part of the leading spirits, all wrapped up in a cool, engaging masterclass.”

The brand was created in the 1930s by fine wine and spirits merchants Justerini & Brooks. It was made famous during prohibition America.

The new masterclass series will show the evolution of the whisky highball and hard seltzer, with the aim of proving that when it comes to whisky cocktails “J&B Rare and soda is the perfect match”. Serves include twists on the traditional hard seltzers, such as J&B Rare Rosemary, J&B Rare Rhubarb and J&B Rare Sage & Nectarine Gimlet.

Master blender, Caroline Martin, said: “J&B Rare is all about vibrancy, fresh fruit, apple, pear and hay notes to create a subtle but complex blend. The smoothness and spice from the Speyside malts pair perfectly with sodas and fruity garnishes.”