Highland Park combines skills of three master whisky makers

Highland Park has launched a whisky created by three Master Whisky makers with over 100 years’ worth of whisky making experience between them.

The Orkney-based distillery has launched Triskelion, which is designed to celebrate the combined wisdom and inspiration of three Highland Park Master Whisky Makers: Gordon Motion, Max McFarlane and John Ramsay.

The new whisky has launched globally from this month, and it was created using a combination of first-fill sherry seasoned Spanish oak butts, first-fill sherry seasoned American oak casks and first-fill bourbon barrels and hogsheads.

Motion, the distillery’s current master whisky maker, said: “It was fun and a real honour to work with John and Max again. We decided to create an unaged single malt as this gave us complete flexibility to consider a whole range of different cask types, flavour profiles as well as ages. To quote John Ramsay, “You don’t need an age statement to deliver real quality”.

“It took us a while to agree on the final flavour profile, but we are very proud of the result – it tested our skill set, our craftsmanship but not our friendship.”

The Triskelion symbol used in this project represents wisdom and inspiration. In Norse mythology, the Horn Triskelion shows three interlocking horns, which is associated with the Mead of Poetry.This magic mead symbolised wisdom and poetic inspiration and was contained in three precious horns guarded by the giantess Gunnloo. All three horns were drunk by the Norse god, Odin, but a few drops spilled into the mortal world and were believed to inspire scholars.

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