Glasgow Distillery extends into thriving spiced rum sector

The Glasgow Distiillery Company has added a spiced rum to its premium spirit collection.

Banditti Club – Glasgow Spiced Rum, which is matured and spiced in Glasgow, is made using rum distilled from freshly pressed sugar cane juice on the Island of Madeira. It is aged for up to 12 months in oak casks, and then it is spiced with a selection of fresh tropical fruit and exotic spices, including pineapple, orange, cacoa and allspice.

The rum is described as having notes of clove and anise that lead to a long spicy finish.

Mark Hayward, co-founder, said: “The city of Glasgow has a strong historical connection with rum and therefore it felt right that we bring our own brand to market.

“We believe now is a perfect time to join the growing number of rums in the market, as consumers seek to further explore and discover new drinking experiences.

“Banditti Club offers a premium, all-natural product with no added sugars or colourings which we believe stands alongside the best spiced rums currently available.”

Glasgow Distillery Company have named this newcomer Banditti Club as a historic reference to a group of Glaswegians who enjoyed getting together, listening to music and drinking rum punch. 

The 44% abv Banditti Club Glasgow Spiced Rum is priced at £25 for a 50cl bottle. 

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