Broadland Wineries explores arena for alcohol-free drinks with "social benefits"

Broadland Wineries is creating a sister company called Live Kindly Drinks, which will focus on alcohol-free drinks “with social benefits”.

Chief executive Mark Lansley told DRN: “Broadland is a wine company, but we have been investigating various different avenues of growth.

“We are growing nicely, with about 15% growth this year, but I have been looking at low and no-alcohol-type drinks, and particularly ones with social benefits.

“Over the past few years there have been different types of positioning in drinks and we think that, given our skills in bottling and in different production techniques, we are in a good position to explore these.”

Lansley said that, with his background as a chemical engineer, he also has experience in fermentation, distillation and infusion. He has worked in the dairy and beer industries and in soft drinks. He also spent 10 years at Glaxo Smith Kline.

He added: “With Broadland’s branding skills as well we felt we could start to develop several products where we partner with different groups and produce drinks that have social benefits.

“We are starting by coming up with an ethos that will define the business. These will be the rules that we will live by within that company and from that the line of drinks we could produce will come one at a time.

“Often someone starts off with a product and then builds the company around it, but we are approaching this in a different way.

“I think society is moving, not just in the environmental field. There is a sort of ‘live kindly’ movement, where people want to leave a small footprint on the world. A lot of people are looking for more meaning in terms of products and how and where they are sourced and in terms of the companies they wish to buy from. That’s the direction we are heading in.”

Lansley said there are no time limits for this venture and the company is in talks with a number of charities at the moment. The drinks will be alcohol-free or, at most, 0.5% abv.

He added: “There are lots of naturally occurring substances and ingredients that one can leverage, and different production techniques that can create certain taste profiles and different mouthfeels. There is a whole array of natural and functional ingredients that are not yet being used in drinks.

“We can then marry this up with good brand development to identify target customers and target demographic groups in order to give them something better.

“There’s quite a movement in the 20-30 age bracket where people are looking for something quite different

to what’s on offer. We are conducting market research in this space and from that we can develop the product.

“We are coming at this from a consumer needs perspective. We are digging out unmet needs and giving those consumers something different.”

Live Kindly Drinks and Broadland Wineries are both subsidiaries of the holding company Arrhenius Holdings.

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