Bolney Wine Estate doubles in size via merger

Bolney Wine Estate has merged with a neighbouring vineyard in a move which the English wine producer said would “dramatically expand its business”, doubling the size of its estate.

The Sussex vineyard has joined forces with its neighbour Pookchurch to form a 104 acre estate, dedicated to increasing the production of premium still English wines.

Pookchurch Vineyard is expected to produce an additional 200 tonnes of grapes for the Bolney Wine Estate portfolio, which comprises Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Bacchus and Pinot Gris.

The absorption of the Cuckfield-based vineyard adds another 67 acres to Bolney’s estate.

Alongside this, Bolney is currently approaching the completion of its new winery. The facility, due to open in February, will increase production capacity to more than 300,000 bottles by 2022. Throughout 2019 the vineyard will also focus on developing the estate to welcome a greater number of guests to the site.

Sam Linter, managing director and lead winemaker at Bolney Wine Estate, said: “Merging with Pookchurch’s vineyard has strengthened our business for the future. We’re really pleased to be formally one team. Both Bolney Wine Estate and Pookchurch vineyard share the same outstanding sandstone soils and aspect so there is a lot of potential for new single vineyard wines.

"It’s also an opportunity to increase research, development and benefit from greater economies of scale across the larger vineyard. We are now a significant rural business and employer in the local community”.

David Wood, Pookchurch founder said: “Bolney Wine Estate’s passion and culture are the perfect fit for Pookchurch. We’re delighted to be part of such a renowned brand and dynamic business. This is really exciting period of growth for us, by combining our vineyards we are in a powerful position to grow the brand and facilities across the estate. The merger firmly puts us within the top 10 of English Wine brands”.

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