Brockmans gin gains Co-op listing

Popular gin brand Brockmans has continued its upward march by securing a listing at 274 Co-op stores across the UK.

The brand was widely written off by cocktail writers upon launch, as it was totally different to anything on the market and they claimed it was doomed to fail.

But it has just celebrated its 10th anniversary and revenue is up 35% year-on-year to £4.7 million. In the UK, where it is distributed by Indie Brands, revenue is up 90%, and it has gained listings with the likes of Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nicholls. In April it picked up a listing with Asda.

Now it is going into the Co-op and spirits buyer Jonathan Grey said: “We’ve seen phenomenal growth within the gin category at Co-op this year.

“Customers continue to trade up into more premium gins so there’s a great opportunity for Brockman’s at Co-op. Both the look and feel of the bottle and the flavour profile of the liquid are exactly what our customers are looking for.”

The retailer is placing a lot more focus on segmenting its stores, putting differentiated ranges in place to cater to the demographics of particular areas. “We are getting better at flexing the products we have at our disposal and putting them in the right place to better suit the store,” said BWS trading manager Simon Cairns.

Indie Brands is delighted to see Brockmans listed in 274 stores. “We are proud to be stocked by the Co-op, which has developed a reputation for delivering customers both high quality produce and good value,” said retail manager David John. “Brockmans is the fastest-growing super-premium gin, established over three years and, in this, the month of its 10th anniversary, it is great for the brand to be listed by this important multiple grocer.”

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