31Dover heads into drinks marketing

The firm behind online retailer 31Dover.com and supplier Vanquish Wine is using its ecommerce expertise to branch out into the world of drinks marketing.

DMD Ventures has launched a digital marketing agency called DMDA that provides producers with constantly updated data about the types of shoppers their drinks are appealing to.

It has already worked with Diageo to promote Captain Morgan, Ciroc, Seedlip and Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla and it is on the hunt for new brands to link up with.

Chief executive James Bagley, who joined the firm from Naked Wines last year, told DRN: “This is an exciting step forward for the drinks industry. Not only is DMDA the UK’s first digital marketing agency dedicated solely to drinks, but the only agency to utilize new data-insight technology, meaning drinks brands can finally benefit from real-time marketing solutions.

“Also, unlike most other agencies, our agency has first-hand experience in selling, promoting and fulfilling drinks online, to on-trade customers and consumers. We own a number of established routes to market and can provide clients with low-cost access to highly engaged audiences and deep data pools. 

“Whether it’s support for a jaw dropping new launch, attention grabbing marketing campaign or simply on-going help growing sales and awareness DMD-Agency is here to serve you.”

The agency sells the drinks on 31Dover.com and uses a dashboard called Melvin that pulls together analytics to provide producers with real-time data about who is buying their brands.

It offers insights into product sales, average order values, the demographics buying the drinks, which areas of the UK they are selling in and the impact of promotions.

The Lakes Distillery launched a wide range of new products and wanted to know which ones to really champion, so it linked up with DMDA.

It thought rhubarb might be the most popular new flavoured gin, but when elderflower started selling really well it was able to ramp up social media activity on that flavour.

The agency has also worked with Opihr gin, driving a vast sales spike through a marketing and glassware promotion that encapsulated social media ads and a targeted email campaign.

Diageo came to DMDA with the new Tanqueray flavour to “leverage early customer insights and demographics, using our e-commerce marketing strengths, before the full grocery launch”.

“It was great to have an exclusive launch on Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla and take learnings from brands like Captain Morgan and Opihr that we had already worked on,” said marketing manager Marc Sanders. “We engaged our active gin buyers initially and sold out the first shipment, and after replenishing a second time we reached out to our base of new leads and successfully sold out a second batch. For the remainder of the campaign we optimised our digital marketing channels towards conversion while testing the impact on bundle offers and added value options such as glassware and mixers. 

“We then further utilised Melvin to provide insights on age, location, buying habits and ad recall. We achieved sales results that exceeded 50% over the target for the campaign as well as a 63% increase on target conversion. Results and findings were fed back to Tanqueray for the planning of phase two of the Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla launch campaign.”

He added: “We have more than 15 years’ experience selling drinks online to consumers and to the trade. Our data scientists utilise data insight technology and we provide real-time insight into what’s happening with your campaign and your launches and you can create solutions in real time

“We run our own retail store and on-trade store and we understand the importance of getting data when it’s happening, and not waiting for a weekly meeting.

We think this is an important step that the industry needs to take when it comes to marketing drinks. It’s speedy and it’s reliable.”

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