High Flyer cannabis sativa beer launched by Manchester firm

A Manchester firm that imports hemp-derived products such as oils, teas and gummy bears from the US has launched what is claimed to be the UK's first session IPA containing cannabis sativa extract.

CBD Ultra has formed Cloud 9 Brewing to market the High Flyer brand, which will join a portfolio of products containing CBD, a health supplement used variously as an aid against depression and anxiety or to give relief from muscle and joint pain.

The beer does not contain THC, the psychoactive compound that provides the recreational high associated with cannabis use, but does claim to have various elements that deliver its therapeutic benefits.

The beer is being produced for the company at Ubrew in south London.

The expected retail price for bottles of the 4.3% beer is between £4.50 and £5.

CBD Ultra and Cloud 9 Brewing managing director Carl Boon said: “We have been selling CBD products for the last year now and they have been so popular we have struggled to keep up with demand.

“It was only natural that the next step would be to produce a craft beer that encompassed all the flavours and aromas of a full session-strength IPA, but with the added benefits of CBD.”