The Drinks Agency adds Havn gins and rums to its portfolio

The Drinks Agency has signed a deal to distribute the new Belgium small-batch premium spirits brand Havn in the UK.

The deal will give the online retailer exclusive rights to distribute Havn’s portfolio of premium rum and gin products to the UK and Ireland markets.

The Havn collection includes four different gins and four rums, all with subtly complex profiles that represent the four corners of the world: Antwerp, Copenhagen, Marseille and Bangkok.

Founder, Steve Symons, said: “There is no doubt that the gin industry continues to be as popular as ever. But with so many different products on the market it can be difficult to select a product that really stands out. We wanted to create a superior quality product in both flavour and bottle design. Our aim was to create gins and rums inspired by world ports, so that you can taste their origin immediately, without further explanation and with equally luxurious bottles to make them real designer gins.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with The Drinks Agency to distribute our unique range of premium products. We believe they will enhance any bar and retail offering and so we are very much looking forward to working with the team to develop the Havn brand in the UK’s on-trade and off-trade for the first time, as well as making it available to consumers in its bar locations across the Cotswolds.”

Michele Bodart, founder and director of The Drinks Agency, said: “This is an exciting time for the Havn brand to be launching into the UK spirits market. As the sector continues to grow, particularly for gin, the Havn brand brings an extraordinarily unique offering thanks to its innovative range of flavours that truly set them apart from the competition.”

The Havn Gin portfolio includes Marseille (MRS), dominated by spicy Mediterranean herbs; Copenhagen (CPH), which tastes of the sea with a “surprisingly smoky aftertaste”; Antwerp (ANR), a sweet and mild gin with “delicious notes of star anise”; and Bangkok (BKK), a spicy gin with a strong emphasis on citrus.

Havn’s Rum portfolio includes three selection rums and one overproof rum. Havana (HAV) has been inspired by the richness of raw cacao and tangerines in the Spanish archipelago around Havana. It boasts a soft hint of vanilla; Mauritius (MRU) is an elegant French-style rum, with a velvety note of fennel and a hint of lavender; Georgetown (GEO) is reminiscent of smoky English-style rum with a solid touch of cardamom and a spicy hint of cloves; and the portfolio is rounded off with an overproof rum, which has been created as a basic rum for bartenders.

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