Hush Heath reveals plans for new winery, shop, bar and tasting room

Hush Heath Estate in Kent is set to unveil its new winery in August this year.

The development includes an expanded winery, a new shop and 200-seater tasting room, as well as an upstairs terrace bar.

The new facilities will also substantially increase Hush Heath’s wine production over the next five years, from 150,000 bottles up to 500,000 bottles.

The company said over the next 12 months it also plans to increase its planted vineyards to 130 acres, comprising predominantly of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

Producer Richard Balfour-Lynn, said: “At Hush Heath Estate we want to make people smile, and our new winery facilities really take wine tourism to the next level – they are comparable with the best of Napa Valley’s experiences. After a year in the making, the team is confident that the new winery will have been worth the wait. As a premium brand we are opening our doors to welcome more people wanting to enjoy wine entertainment, and we plan to produce many more bottles, while at all times retaining the philosophy of a boutique producer.

“Our challenge as an industry is to maintain the quality of English wine, the global enthusiasm for which has been astonishing, and we are only at the beginning of the English wine story – rather like the Champagne houses in 1900. That is one of the reasons we opened our Hush Heath Wine Club – it’s an opportunity for those looking to share the journey of English wine though the eyes of Hush Heath Estate. Members can experience the grape harvest, take part in blending and dosage trials with our winemakers, taste wines in tank, and join wine’s journey into bottle and maturity. Membership provides the chance to get involved in the full working of an English winery, without the need to own one.”

In celebration of the winery launch, Hush Heath is planning an open weekend on September 22 and 23 with complimentary winemaker classes and other events taking place.

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