Vagabond releases wines from its London winery

Vagabond has released its first English wines, produced at its urban winery in London.

The independent retailer, which set up an urban winery at Battersea Power Station, will be selling its own Bacchus, Pinot Noir Rose and a sparkling Pet-Nat (described as “our take on the traditional Petillant naturel”) from its stores and from the winery.

The grapes for the wine are sourced from Kent, Surrey and Oxfordshire by winemaker Gavin Monery, who has been making wines in London since 2013.

He said: “For years the London food scene has taken the best people, the best ingredients and the best ideas from around the world and we wanted to extend that to wine. We are sourcing grapes from top quality sites across the UK and making wines with the same techniques and attention to detail as the best estates in the world. English wines are gaining in popularity and London has been at the centre of the global wine trade for 200 years, so it was a perfect fit for us to locate a winery in the city.”

Vagabond’s founder and managing director, Stephen Finch, said: “In the midst of an explosion of craft breweries and brewpubs across the UK, we asked ourselves “Why should breweries have all the fun? So we created London’s first urban winery with a restaurant and bar, bringing the excitement and education of a top-flight winery to London’s Zone 1.

"Thanks to our stellar winemaker Gavin and an excellent 2017 harvest, Vagabond’s first releases are truly impressive, easily amongst the best English wines we have ever come across. But don’t take it from me, swing by our winery or any other Vagabond venue and try for yourself.”

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