Bushmills releases two rare single malt whiskeys

Bushmills Irish Whiskey has announced the 2018 release of two rare, small batch single malt whiskeys.

The Bushmills 16 and 21 year old single malts are both matured and finished in three different cask types.

Colum Egan, master distiller, said: “As the largest malt Irish whiskey brand in the world and one of the first distilleries to create a single malt whiskey, we are delighted to release these rare expressions for the ultra-premium end of the Irish whiskey category. With almost 40 years crafting our Bushmills 16 and 21 year old single malts, we know that only a combination of patience, dedication and experience in our craft has allowed us to maintain the same great consistency of flavour and taste over the years.”

The 16 year old has been aged for at least 16 years in a combination of bourbon casks and Oloroso sherry butts, before being vatted and married for nine months in large old port pipes. This ageing and finishing producing a “smooth and sweet” single malt, according to the company, which tastes “mature beyond its years”. The liquid is said to have flavours of honeyed nutty maltiness, toasted wood and sweet port wine.

The 21 year old, which is matured in American oak bourbon and old Oloroso sherry casks for at least 19 years, spends two further years marrying in Madeira wine casks to produce a single malt of “incredible depth, richness and complexity with notes of wood, raisin, toffee sweetness and soft spice and hints of vanilla, dark chocolate and leather”.

Egan added: “This year, each bottle of Bushmills 21 year old single malt will have the year of bottling and its own individual number referenced on the bottle, making it even more collectable to those who purchase it.”

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