Freedom Brewery gives full roll out to 'My 25th Hour' campaign

Freedom Brewery plans to give a full nationwide launch to its ‘My 25th Hour’ marketing campaign, following a successful trial at the end of 2017.

The campaign, which inspires people to find an extra hour in their day to pursue their passions and follow their goals, is to be launched nationwide via a series of events and collaborations with customers, experiences and festivals, supported by an online video series.

The 25th Hour campaign originated from research that revealed three quarters of UK adults felt there were not enough hours in the day to complete meaningful activities and reach their goals. Through inspirational content distributed via social media and nationwide events, the campaign motivated adults across the UK to find that ‘extra hour’ in the day to pursue their passions.

Activities last year included events held in pubs where consumers were given the chance to try engaging activities such as beer yoga and VR rock climbing.

Over the next 12 months consumers will be able to enjoy hundreds of 25th Hour Events with a complimentary pint, according to the producer. Consumers will be invited to become ‘Freedom Seekers’ and enjoy their 25th hour with friends, by taking part in pub events across the UK. Freedom Brewery has also created two further videos to be released across its digital platforms.

A spokesman for the company said: “The 25th Hour campaign encapsulates a mind-set and an attitude, which returns to Freedom Brewery’s key brand values. Through their collaborations and partnerships with trade accounts, Freedom Brewery hopes to inspire the nation to start finding the extra hour to pursue sought after goals.”

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