Berry Bros resurrects its own-label gin

Berry Bros & Rudd has relaunched its own-label London Dry Gin, a spirit it originally created in 1909.

The Berrys’ Best Gin, as it had been renamed before its disappearance in 2014, is being resurrected as Berry Bros & Rudd London Dry Gin to fit within its own-label range The Wine Merchants Range, which it launched last year.

The gin contains botanicals led by juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica root and winter savory, and the nose hints at violet creams and a soft chalkiness; while the palate is “appealingly soft” with a floral slant, according to the producer.

Chairman, Lizzy Rudd, said: “It is so exciting to see what was once a firm customer favourite being brought back to life. We are seeing a real gin revival and we hope that people will enjoy the heritage and history around the Berry Bros & Rudd London Dry Gin.

“It’s a complex, well balanced gin with a wonderful combination of botanicals and flavours such as the not often seen winter savory, which creates an exceptional Gin & Tonic.”

Charles Maxwell, director at Thames Distillers, said: “Thames Distillers was delighted to be commissioned by Berry Bros & Rudd to distil a modern-day version of Berrys’ Best Gin. It was a fascinating challenge to build a recipe with just a small sample of the 1950s gin as a reference. We are very pleased to have made a product which has been passed as being up to Berrys’ renowned high standards and a match to the historic gin.”

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