Enotria to showcase new wines at its annual tasting event

Enotria&Coe is gearing up to take over the Saatchi Gallery for its annual tasting event next month.

On Tuesday 6 February the company will showcase hundreds of wines from its portfolio supported by more than 100 producers from around the world, who will be flying in to present their wines. There will also be around 60 spirits brand owners to show a wide range of spirits and liqueurs.

Enotria’s buying, marketing and retail director, Jon Pepper MW, said: “We will continue to be buffeted by the winds of political and economic change, and 2018 presents a challenging climate for our industry. In the 2017 vintage we also face the smallest global wine harvest in decades, due to a series of droughts, frosts and hail across Europe and the New World.

“This has resulted in shortages of wine and dramatic pressure on prices. Despite all of this, the UK remains front and centre of the wine world, and our Buyers have been busily swilling and sniffing their way across the globe to ensure that our portfolio remains relevant, competitive, innovative and dynamic. This year we not only introduced new producers to the Enotria&Coe stable, but also welcome new wines from some of our stalwart producer partners.

“We understand the importance this year of a strong commercial offer, so are launching a number of new wines to help customers minimise any cost increases, including our Stormy Cape range from South Africa. Value is key at both ends of the spectrum, and we are fortunate to have one of the UK’s finest collections of iconic wineries. We have an exciting programme of By The Glass offers on these exceptional producers.

“We are delighted to be adding Champagne Alfred Gratien to the Enotria&Coe stable as an exclusive agency Champagne. We are also launching the Sancerres of Laporte and some exceptional wines form Pfaffl in Austria. White wines from Spain are enjoying something of a renaissance, and we have added an outstanding pair of Godellos from Capellanes, as well as Mar de Frades Albarino.

“From Australia we are delighted to introduce our fourth member of Australia’s First Families of Wine, McWilliams, including iconic Hunter Valley producer Mount Pleasant, whose aged Semillons offer extraordinary value and deserve a place on any wine lover’s list. McWilliams join our selection of wine list essentials such as Ramon Bilbao and Trapiche, whose modern style and proactive in-market activation have made them a huge success in the UK since they launched with us.”

Troy Christensen, ceo, added: “With challenging economic climates often come great opportunities to those who seize them. We are proud to offer not just our prized portfolio, but also a team of experts who are here to work in partnership with our customers to help grow their business. Our flexible, in-house supply chain allows us to meet their specific business needs, our new website speeds the order process and hosts a wealth of information, and our wine list gurus and marketing mavericks are always on hand to offer advice and insight.

“From grape and grain to glass, our industry must continue to evolve and diversify in order to flourish in a competitive market, and we are happy to accept the challenge, starting here at Saatchi Gallery.”

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