Gin sales soar in record Christmas

The off-trade gin category delivered the best Christmas performance anyone at Nielsen has ever seen and led BWS to another strong festive period.

Sales of gin rose 38% to £200 million in the 12 weeks to December 30 compared to the previous year, and the average price per litre increased by £1.55. Analyst Helen Stares said: “Among our team of alcohol

analysts, no one can remember such an impressive performance for a single spirit category during the Christmas period, and if current growth rates continue, gin looks likely to overtake blended whisky in 2018.”

It was also a good Christmas for still wine, which was up £23.8 million, while world beer grew 12%, craft beer was up 44%, cider grew 1.9% and sparkling wine was up 7.8%, though Champagne sales fell 13%.

Read Helen’s latest DRN column here for a breakdown of Christmas BWS sales. 

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