Speyside Distillery extends into gin production

Speyside Distillery has launched a new gin inspired by poet Lord Byron’s words.

The distillery, which is famed for its single malt Scotch whisky, has released a limited edition gin with botanicals found growing in its garden grounds.

The two expressions of Byron’s Gin also reflect on the distillery’s historic links to poet Byron, who was known to have a great love of the Scottish Highlands.

The duo – Bird Cherry and Melancholy Thistle – use botanicals from the gardens of the distillery, which is nestled in the Cairngorm National Park.

Only 150 numbered bottles of each expression from Batch 1 have been produced and as the botanicals used are seasonal the producer said no further bottles will be available from this batch.

Byron’s Gin has been crafted by distillery manager, Sandy Jamieson, in partnership with Andy Amphlett, the Country Recorder for the Botanical Society of Britain and Ireland. It is now the official gin of the organisation.

Speyside Distillery’s ceo, John Harvey McDonough, said: “The result is two very unique and different gin expressions that will be loved by sophisticated palates. The gins capture both the taste of the Cairngorm National Park and the decades of shared knowledge and passion by two experts in their respective fields.

“We have wanted to add to our portfolio of premium spirits for some time and with all these wonderful botanicals on our doorstep, we saw an opportunity to create something a world away from our single malt whisky.”

Bird Cherry is complemented by lemon-scented fern, lady’s bedstraw, rowan, wild thyme, juniper and blaeberry.

Melancholy Thistle is joined by sweet vernal grass, Scots pine, juniper, rowan, downy birch and aspen.

Byron’s Gin is 43% abv and the price is £43 for a 70cl bottle. 

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