Borough Wines & Beers launches alcohol-free range

Borough Wines & Beers has unveiled plans to champion “mindful drinking” after giving listings to two ranges botanical sodas and developing a 0% abv gin.

The London indie said there are 2.2 million teetotal adults in the capital and it also wants to boost sales post-Christmas, when Dry January grips the nation.

It has added the new botanical sodas to its range in its nine stores and online, and plans to give listings to more alcohol-free, low-sugar, premium adult soft drinks in the coming months.

It will have a series of tastings and food pairing events throughout December and January to promote mindful drinking.

Marketing director Corinna Pyke said: “I am really excited by the influx of low and no alcoholic drinks to the market and pleasantly surprised by the quality of them too. I wanted to create a range of drinks with the same care and consideration that we give to selecting the wines and beers that we stock.

“My main focus has been curating a selection of drinks with low added sugar and even though they have no alcohol in them have the complexities of flavour that is found in good quality wine. Our motto is to Drink Better and we are very excited to be bringing a new drinking experience to our customers.”

The retailer is creating a 0% abv gin as part of a Distillers Development Series with Surendran & Bownes, the first distillers to join the programme.

Borough Wines & Beers has become the exclusive supplier of Lurvill’s Delight, a soft drink range first created in 1896 by Welsh twins Harold and Iolo Lewis and revived by Dave Steward of Magnetic Brands in 2016.

It has also listed botanical sodas created by Henry Chevalier Guild – of Aspall fame – under a brand called Nonsuch Shrubs.

He said: “If you’re staying sober it doesn’t mean you need to scrimp on your drinking enjoyment.

“Nonsuch Shrubs have been formulated with this specifically in mind. Based on the ancient art of drinking vinegars that date back to Babylonian times, our unique blend of fruit, vinegar and herbs give a modern twist to these ancient elixirs.

“The finely balanced combination of savoury, sweet and sour, makes Nonsuch a fabulous addition to all occasions, out for drinks or sitting down to dinner, don’t be short changed if you're staying dry.”

The Lurvill’s Delight range retails for £1.95 and Nonsuch Shrubs has an rrp of £3.50.

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