Jeroboams adds boutique Chilean winery

Jeroboams has added family-owned boutique winery Clos de Luz to its portfolio.

The winery, which is based in the Almahue Valley, south east of Santiago in Chile’s Rapel region, is an estate covering just 300 hectares.

The company, which is run by Gabriel Edwards, produces three wines. The vineyards were planted by Edwards’ grandmother in 1945, which makes its Carmenere some of the oldest in Chile.

Jeroboams’ wine director Peter Mitchell MW, said: “These wines are some of the best examples of premium Chilean wines I have ever tasted. The area is known locally as the birthplace of Carmenere, and the wines are atypical, exhibiting little oak influence and great finesse, which makes them a really special offering in our market where wines from Chile, and in particular premium wines, is growing.”

Clos de Luz also grows Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Grenache. The vineyards are certified organic and have gnarled old vines, which means they can only be ploughed by horses and the estate is completely picked by hand. No new oak is used and all the wines are fermented with indigenous yeasts.

Jeroboams has taken on Massal 1945 Carmenere 2015 (rsp: £1995), which uses hand harvested grapes from a vineyard planted in 1945. The wine is aged in used French oak for 12 months. The line up also includes Massal 1945 Cabernet Suavignon 2015 (£19.95), and Azuda Garnacha 2015 (rsp: £22.95). 

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