BrewDog introduces LoneWolf spirits and mixers

BrewDog has expanded into the spirits market with the official launch of its LoneWolf brand.

The distillery at its sister site in Aberdeenshire – details of which were revealed last year – will now produce vodka and gin under the LoneWolf brand, with plans to extend into whisky and other spirits in the future.

According to BrewDog the distillery features the world’s only triple-bubble still and the tallest rectification column of any craft distiller in Europe at 18 metres tall.

BrewDog also plans to release its own line of LoneWolf tonic and soda, especially formulated to be paired with its new gin and vodka offering.

The new tonic is designed to complement LoneWolf’s Gin through the use of pink grapefruit.

Doug Bairner, managing director of LoneWolf Spirits, said: “LoneWolf is an apt name for a brand that stands alone in the industry as a custodian of purist, truthful production methods. Our new purpose-built facility takes craft distillation to new levels.

“It is commonplace for a spirits brand to bulk-buy their base alcohol from a supplier and redistill with their own botanicals. We are custodians of our liquid at every stage of its creation and believe that our exacting processes give the best possible spirit.

“When three quarters of the most popular pour for gin and vodka is made up of tonic, we can’t understand why no other spirits brands have developed dedicated mixers. Our mixers accentuate the unique flavour profile of our spirits – allowing us another dimension of control to deliver the best possible drinking experience.”

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