Wild Knight producer builds on vodka success

The producers of Wild Knight English Vodka have announced they will be expanding the range to include caramel vodka, with other drinks to follow shortly.

Nelson’s Gold caramelised vodka is a 26% abv drink combining the signature single-distilled barley vodka with caramel made from East Anglian sugar beet.

Company co-founder, Steph Brown, told OLN: “It’s not overly sweet but it has a subtle caramel flavour and aroma, which is gained from blending caramelised sugar from East Anglian sugar beer with our Wild Knight.”

The original Wild Knight Ultra-Premium English Vodka was first launched a year ago by husband and wife team Matt and Steph Brown, who wanted to create a pure vodka that could be sipped and enjoyed slowly.

Steph Brown said: “We have grown really well throughout Norfolk, where we are based, and we are now expanding across the country, which is very exciting.”

Next in line will be a collection of rums: light, dark and spiced, under the trademarked brand name, Ensign.

Matt Brown said they planned to grow Wild Knight “quite significantly” through 2017. 

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