Bushmills adds Red Bush blend to its portfolio

Bushmills Irish Whisky has added a Red Bush variant to the range to appeal to bourbon enthusiasts and those new to Irish whiskey.

Bushmills Red Bush is being launched in the US this month with global markets to follow shortly after.

Colum Egan, master distiller at The Old Bushmills Distillery, said: “While we have been innovating with our aged whiskeys for centuries, we are excited to embark on a journey with the millennial drinker. Maturing the whiskey exclusively in first fill bourbon barrels creates an extremely smooth spirit that will resonate with frequent bourbon fans and first time Irish whiskey drinkers.”

The drink is a smooth blend of triple distilled Irish single malt and fine Irish grain whiskey. On the nose, the amber spirit offers intense aromas of toasted oak and vanilla. The palate is medium bodied with hints of caramel and nutty flavours. It is described as being a balanced and accessible Irish whiskey, drawing new consumers to the character and flavour profile unique to Bushmills Irish Whiskey.

Egan said: “Bushmills Red Bush personifies the gritty Irish character and adds a sense of adventure and fun to our portfolio, further defining the confident, courageous and independent spirit we have seen for generations at Bushmills.

Red Bush can be enjoyed neat as a shot or with mixers like cola, soda and ginger ale. 

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