Burton MP Andrew Griffiths bids a fond farewell to the All Party Parliamentary Beer Group

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths is stepping down as chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group following his appointment as a member of the Government Whips’ Office. 

Parliamentary rules mean members of the Government are not allowed to chair All-Party Groups. 

Griffiths, who has been chairman of the Beer Group for five years, said: “It has been a huge honour and a privilege to represent one of the UK’s vital industries and to chair what I believe to be the best All-Party Group in Parliament. 

“The Group has made a massive impact promoting the interests of Britain’s beer lovers and pub goers.  None of this could have been achieved without the support of MPs and Peers from all political parties.”  

During his time in charge Griffiths has been a great champion of the beer industry, teaming up with OLN for our Celebrating British Beer campaigns, while he has also helped hold local authorities to account regarding Reducing the Strength schemes that have penalised high abv craft beers.  

Keith Bott, managing director of the Titanic Brewery, paid tribute to Griffiths: “In the five years that Andrew has been chairman of the Group he has transformed the Government’s perception of beer and pubs. 

“The scrapping of the beer duty escalator and three years of duty cuts coupled with a further freeze has seen beer sales in growth for the first time in over a decade. 

“The success over issues such as duty stamps and business rates has helped to see a record number of breweries across the country and a reduction in pub closures.”

Colin Valentine, chairman of CAMRA, added: "As Chairman of the Beer Group, Andrew has been a leading champion of brewing in the UK. There is no doubt that Andrew’s work on the campaign to end the beer duty escalator was hugely influential in the successful battle to have it scrapped and for the subsequent reductions. These reductions in beer duty have in turn supported the resurgence of brewing in the UK over recent years.”

An Extraordinary General Meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Beer Group will be held in Parliament during September to elect a new chair of the Group.

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