Independent wine merchants can win a trip to Brazil

Wines of Brasil is teaming up with OLN to offer independent wine merchants the chance to wine a four-day trip to the Brazil to visit its wine regions and sample some of its best wines.

To send your name and business address to and she will send you a POS kit for Brazilian wine.

Use the kit to create a Brazil-themed window display between now and September 12 – the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, starting on August 5, would be a good time – and then send in photos to the same email address.

Include feedback on how it impacted on sales and raised awareness of Brazilian wine for your store for a chance to win a four-day trip.

As well as the fantastic main prize there will also be two cases of Brazilian wine for the runner-up. Third prize will be one case of Brazilian wine.

Judy Kendrick, whose company, JK Marketing, is running the competition, said: “With the Olympics coming up it allows retailers to put together a topical display that makes their shops current. It’s a fantastic POS kit with all sorts of flags and bags and it’s a fun thing to have.

“There are 15 Brazilian wineries targeting the UK and they all have distribution. Forty per cent of all wine made there is sparkling, so it could be good for celebrations. They make it using the charmat method and traditional method, and even the traditional method isn’t too expensive and offers great value for money.

“The other big point of difference is that the vineyards are high up and in the south of the country, where the climate is moderate.

“Think of the Adelaide Hills – lovely, lush, rolling hillsides, with vineyards 600m above sea level.

“The wines themselves are generally lower in alcohol than you would expect from Chile or Argentina. Most reds are 12.5% abv and that makes them very food friendly.

“The people there came from Veneto in Italy, hence the focus on sparkling wine and on food friendly wine, as Italians drink wine with food.”

The POS pack includes: T-shirts, an array of coloured glasses, flags, flip flops and bags. You'll also be sent a list of UK importers of Brazilian wines to help you put together your Brazilian range.

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