BrewDog plans to build sour beer facility

BrewDog has revealed plans to build a standalone sour beer facility in Scotland to tap into demand for this beer style.

On its blog the brewer stated: “We love sours – and it seems like you share that opinion as well, as every twelve months when #MashTag rolls around, sours leap from the comments thread of our style council.”

It also noted that the beer style is popular “because they are fascinating, delicious, have captured the moment and possibly above all – they have prestige due to how hard they are to brew. But we aren’t letting that stop us – we are building our own sour facility.”

The brewer said it has secured a sight in Ellon across the road from its original 100HL brewery for construction of a standalone sour facility.

BrewDog said a separate facility is important for sour beer production because the bacteria and wild yeasts involved are “truly voracious” and they can become a problem if they find their way into a regular brewery.

The brewer will take its base beer from its current brewery over the road to the sour beer facility to allow the bacteria, the wood of the barrels and time to “work its magic”.

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