International Cider Challenge 2016 winners announced

A Canadian ice cider has been crowned Supreme Champion at the International Cider Challenge 2016 run by Off Licence News.

Domaine Labranche’s Ice Cider Labranche also won a trophy for sweet cider, alongside Marks & Spencer Breton Cider, which was given highly commended status.

Waitrose won trophies for its Waitrose Low Alcohol England and Waitrose Westons English Vintage Perry.

There were also trophies for Northern Ireland producer Kilmegan for Kilmegan Real, French producer Cidre Le Brun for Reflet de France Brut, Healeys Cornish Brandy Reserve and Cider Brothers William Tell Hard Apple Cider With Strawberry.

In addition to the eight trophies, the nine-strong panel – comprised of buyers, award-winning independent retailers, cider experts, journalists and cider makers – awarded 19 gold medals, 44 silvers and 65 bronzes.

There was praise for the consistent quality of entries across the board in the competition which is now in it seventh year.

Entries this year came from the UK, Ireland, France, Australia, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Japan, Spain, South Africa, New Zealand and the US.

The full list of winners 

Supreme Champion (also a trophy winner and gold medal for sweet cider)

Domaine Labranche Ice Cider Labranche

Highly Commended (also a trophy and gold medal winner for sweet cider)

Marks & Spencer Breton Cider

Trophy winners (all also gold medal winners)

Healeys Cyder Cornish Brandy Reserve (wood-aged)
Cidre Bigoud Reflet De France Brut (dry)
Kilmegan Cider Kilmegan Real Cider (bottle-conditioned/bottle-fermented)
Waitrose Low Alcohol England (medium)
Waitrose Westons English Vintage Perry, Herefordshire (perry, medium/sweet)
Cider Brothers William Tell Hard Apple Cider With Strawberry (flavoured)

Gold medal winners

Domaine Labranche Fire Cider Labranche (sweet)
Domaine Labranche Sparkling Cider Labranche (medium)
Thatchers Vintage 2015 Redstreak & Katy (speciality cider and cider variants)

Thatchers Cider Thatchers Vintage 2015 received a gold (Wood-aged Cider)
Cold Hand Winery Malus X Feminam 2014 (speciality cider and cider variants)
Aston Manor Friels (medium)
La Face Cachee De La Pomme Neige Premiere Ice Cider 2012 (speciality cider and cider variants)
Cidre Bigoud Reflet De France Doux (sweet)
Dunkertons Browns Single Varietal (medium)
Marks & Spencer Somerset Oak Matured Vintage (medium)
Waitrose Duchy Organic Vintage Herefordshire (medium)

Cold Hand Winery Malus X – Feminam received gold (Speciality Cider and Cider Variants)

Silver medal winners

Aspall Harry Sparrow (medium)
Cidre Bigoud Cidre Artisanal Le Brun Biologique (medium)
Cidre Bigoud Cidre Artisanal Le Brun Brut (dry)
Cidre Bigoud Cidre Artisanal Le Brun Demi-Sec (medium)
Cidre Bigoud Cidre Artisanal Le Brun Doux (sweet)
Cidre Bigoud Reflet De France Cornourulle (medium)

Cidre Le Brun Reflet De France Cornourulle received Silver (Medium)
SHS Drinks Merrydown Vintage Dry (dry)
Distell Savanna Dry (dry)
Angry Orchard Cinnful Apple (flavoured)
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple (sweet)
Angry Orchard Hop’Mad (flavoured)
Angry Orchard Iceman (sweet)
Angry Orchard Knotty Pear (flavoured)
3C Cider The 3Cs Vintage (dry)
Distell Hunter’s Gold (sweet)
Thatchers Special Vintage 2015 Tremletts Falstaff (speciality cider and cider variants)
C&C Brands Chaplin & Cork’s Somerset Gold (medium)
C&C Brands Chaplin & Cork’s Somerset Reserve (dry)
Healeys Cornish Gold (medium)
Healeys Rattler 4% (medium)
Healeys Rattler Berry (fruit)
Healeys Rattler Pear (pear)
Westons Caple Road Dry Blend No 5 (dry)
Westons Henry Westons Vintage Cider (wood-aged)
Rocquette Cider Co Traditional Rocquette Cider (dry)
Hogan's Medium Cider (medium)
Hogan's Vintage Perry 2014 (perry dry)
Lyme Bay Winery Vintage Dry (dry)
Sheppy’s Oak Matured Vintage (wood-aged)
AB-Inbev Stella Artois Cidre Raspberry (fruit)
Kiezbaum Organic Apple (medium)
Kilmegan Cider Kilmegan Irish Farmhouse Cider (dry)
Siidrikoda OU Sade (flavoured)
Siidrikoda OU Snoob (dry)
McCashins Brewery Rochdale Classic Ginger Lime Cider (flavoured)
McCashins Brewery Rochdale Classic Pear Cider (pear)
Customs Drinks Maeloc Natural Cider (speciality cider and cider variants)
Marks & Spencer Cider 44cl can (medium)
Marks & Spencer Hazerdine Orchard Herefordshire Vintage (medium)
Marks & Spencer Vintage Pear (pear)
Marks & Spencer Cornish Cloudy Farmhouse (medium)
Armagh Cider Co Maddens Mellow (medium)
Armagh Cider Co Maddens Special Cask (wood-aged)
Aldi UK Taurus Dry (dry)

Bronze medal winners

Cidre Bigoud Or Et Ange (speciality cider and cider variants)
Celtic Marches Ruby Tuesday (flavoured)
Celtic Marches Thundering Molly (medium)
Cornish Orchards Gold (medium)
Cornish Orchards Heritage (medium)
Distell Savanna Light (dry)
Distell Hunter’s Dry (dry)
The Beard & Sabre Cider Co Apple Smuggler (bottle-conditioned/bottle-fermented)
Angry Orchard Summer Honey (flavoured)
Winkleigh Cider Co Sam's 1916 (sweet)
Polabsky Most Magnetic Apple Original (sweet)
Polabsky Most Magnetic Apple Visnovy (flavoured)
Kilmegan Cider Kilmegan Wild Elderflower Infused (flavoured)
Thatchers Katy (medium)
C&C Brands Chaplin & Cork's Somerset Vintage 2014 (dry)
Ty Gwyn Yarlington Mill Medium Dry (dry)
Healeys Classic Oak Matured (wood-aged)
Asahi Breweries Nikka Cidre Rose (sweet)
Asahi Breweries Nikka Cidre Sweet (sweet)
Biddenden Vineyards Bushels (medium)
Hillbilly Cider Hillbilly Apple (medium)
Hillbilly Cider Hillbilly Pear (medium)
Hillbilly Cider Hillbilly Vintage (dry)
FH Prager Cider 10 (sweet)
FH Prager Cider 12 (medium)
FH Prager Honey (flavoured)
Westons Stowford Press (medium)
Rocquette Cider Co Fauxquets Valley (dry)
Lyme Bay Winery Lyme Bay Sparkling (medium)
Aston Manor Crumpton Oaks (dry)
Aston Manor Kingstone Press Apple (medium)
Aston Manor Kingstone Press Wild Berry (fruit)
Aston Manor Malvern Gold (medium)
Aston Manor Malvern Oak (dry)
Sheppy’s Old Conky Bicentenary Cider (speciality cider and cider variants)
Bath Ales Bounders (medium)
Cidre Bouche UK Tuberville Cidre Bouche Doux (sweet)
Cidre Bouche UK Tuberville Cidre Bouche Brut (dry)
Harry’s Cider Co Harry's Dabinett (medium)
Harry’s Cider Co Harry's Original (medium)
Inter Bru Sxollie Golden Delicious (sweet)
Dunkertons Black Fox (medium)
McCashins Brewery Rochdale Classic Apple (medium)
McCashins Brewery Rochdale Lemon Honey (flavoured)
McCashins Brewery Rochdale Three Berry (flavoured)
Custom Drinks Maeloc Extra (sweet)
Custom Drinks Maeloc Pear (flavoued)
Custom Drinks Maeloc Sweet (sweet)
Marks & Spencer Devon Farmhouse Cider (medium)
Marks & Spencer Devon Farmhouse Cider With Sloe & Elderberry (flavoured)
Marks & Spencer Somerset Dabinett Apple (medium)
Marks & Spencer Somerset Traditional (medium)
City Cider Semi-Sweet (medium)
City Cider With Strawberry & Rhubarb (fruit)
Armagh Cider Co Doyles Summer Fruit Irish Cider (flavoured)
St Ives Cider Kirthenwood Heritage (English farmhouse-stye/scrumpy)
Waitrose Elderflower Cider (flavoured)
Waitrose Westons English Vintage, Herefordshire (medium)
Jan ABT Tatuv Sad (dry)
Aldi UK Taurus Pear (pear)
Aldi UK Taurus Dark Fruit (fruit)
Vaclav Slouka Smiling Dog (dry)

Design and packaging awards

Supreme Champion (also winner of a gold medal)

Inter Bru Sxollie Golden Delicious (individual new)

Highly Commended (also winner of a gold medal)

Thatchers Gold (individual repackaged)

Gold medal winner

FH Prager Cider 10, Cider 12, Honey, Perry (range new or established)

Silver medal winners

Distell Savanna Dry, Savanna Dark, Savanna Light (range repackaged)
3Cs cider 3Cs Vintage (individual repackaged)
Healeys Rattler Original, Rattler Pear, Rattler Berry & Rattler 4% (range established)
Sheppy’s Old Conky Bicentenary Cider (individual new)
Kilmegan Cider Kilmegan Real, Kilmegan Irish Farmhouse, Kilmegan Wild Elderflower Infused (range established)
Siidrikoda OU Snoob, Hipster, Sade (range new)

Bronze medal winners

Celtic Marches Thundering Molly (individual established)
Angioletti UK Angioletti Secco Sparkling Italian Craft Cider (individual new)
Polabsky Most Magnetic Apple Original (individual established)
Polabsky Most Magnetic Apple Original, Premium, Visnovy (range established)
Thatchers Haze (individual repackaged)
McCashins Brewery Rochdale Classic Apple, Rochdale Classic Pear (range repackaged)
Jan ABT Tatuv Sad (individual new)
Vaclav Slouka Smiling Dog (individual established)
Hush Heath Estate Jake’s Kentish Cider (individual new)

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