Brewdog beers dropped by online seller after TV show

The online beer retailer and wholesaler Best of British Beer has stopped selling Brewdog beers in the wake of last night’s appearance by the brewer on BBC2’s Who’s The Boss? programme.

Brewdog and co-founder James Watt (pictured) came in a for a barrage of criticism on social media after the show which followed the recruitment process of three candidates for a job as the company’s area manager for its London bars.

Best of Brtish Beers tweeted after the show: “Can't believe how @brewdog have come across on #whostheboss. Will delist & give away remaining stock 2moro. Tweet us if you want some.”

Director Gill Sherwin told OLN today: “I’m not normally controversial on Twitter and, if honest, I was quite worried about the response I might get.

“We've had lots of lovely emails, no negativity at all and some have been so lovely I felt bad telling them all the stock had gone, so I’ve sent them some free beer anyway.

“We work with loads of independent brewers who are working hard and the marketplace is so competitive now I just thought why should we spend customers’ money on a brewery that we think is a bit unauthentic.  

“Delist is such a strong sounding word but I couldn't think of another short one for Twitter. On a personal level, we don’t buy from people we don’t admire so why have them on my site?

“We’re definitely sticking with our decision but I’m sure [Brewdog isn’t] bothered at all.

“We weren’t doing it to prove a point to them – just a personal business decision we decided to share.”

Brewdog has courted controversy in its beers and marketing since Watt founded the company with business partner Martin Dickie in 2007.

Other Twitter criticism described Brewdog’s performance as “embarassing and lame” and a “car crash”.

But loyal staff tweeted their support and blamed the way the show had been edited.

Watt also took to Twitter describing the programme as “ bit of a disaster”.