If Carlsberg did kickabouts... Peter Schmeichel would probably turn up

Former Man Utd goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel and broadcasting legend Jeff Stelling make guest appearances in a new Carlsberg TV ad that celebrates the start of the Permiership 2015–16 season.

The “If Carlsberg did kickabouts” campaign focuses on a casual kickabout between friends in the park, which is transformed by Carlsberg into “probably the best kickabout in the world’.

During the kickabout, a hamstring injury is miraculously healed in seconds with a magic sponge, leading the player to become a younger, slimmer and fitter version of himself.

Later a disputed goal is confirmed on a giant screen and the crowd erupts in delight, and then Stelling bursts out of a TV van to show his excitement at the action. A wayward shot is then stopped by passer-by, who turns out to be Schmeichel, who returns the ball with a trademark long throw.

David Scott, director of brands and insight at Carlsberg UK, said: “The new commercial is the third instalment of the iconic ‘If Carlsberg Did…’ series since we relaunched the concept at the beginning of the year, and we’re delighted at the level of momentum it’s created behind the Carlsberg brand.

“Carlsberg is known as the beer of football, and we’re confident that the humour and subtle references to the game in the advert will resonate with football fans nationwide, enhancing their passion and excitement for the start of the new Barclays Premier League season.”

The new ad, which is part of a £12 million marketing investment in 2015 for the brand, will make its TV debut during this weekend’s FA Community Shield match between Arsenal and Chelsea.

Schmeichel, Carlsberg’s global brand ambassador, said: “Carlsberg really understands football fans and knows that every fan in the world will recognise this kind of kickabout – when a casual game escalates in the imagination to become more emotional, competitive and dramatic. In my eyes Carlsberg has captured this essence perfectly and it’s fun to be a part of it.”

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