Macallan unveils its complete 1824 Series line-up

Macallan has released three malt whiskies to complete the line-up of its new 1824 Series.

The range aims to redefine the Macallan portfolio by colour rather than age statements and was kicked-off by Gold last autumn.

That whisky, which has an rrp of £36, has now been joined by Amber (£45), Sienna (£66) and Ruby (£120).

The range is designed to show the signature sherry-cask style of Macallan, through a range of colours that reflect the character of the oak used for ageing, not just the length of time the spirit has spent in cask.

Whisky maker Bob Dalgarno said, “Using colour to drive and define a whisky differs dramatically from the conventional age approach, allowing us to explore different casks and take a more flexible approach to our stock.  

“We have been able to work creatively with the full range of matured stock available, rather than working to a pre-determined character based on age. 

“For me, the key thought in this range is that a great single malt doesn’t need to be 30 years old to taste like a 30-year-old.”

Ken Grier, director of malts at brand owner Edrington, added: “As some 60% of the aroma and flavour of Macallan derives from the oak casks, this new range is a genuine opportunity to demonstrate the critical role of these exceptional casks and to challenge perceptions about bottling at arbitrary ages.  

“Taking colour as the basis for shaping these whiskies, an industry first, is testimony both to the innovative approach to whisky making and the long experience of our whisky maker.”

The range is distributed by Maxxium UK.