Marblehead launches Zubrowka rival

The company which recently lost the agency for Zubrowka bison grass vodka has launched its own rival brand.

Marblehead released Davna Bizon into Harvey Nichols and the prestige on-trade this week.

The company lost Zubrowka after Polish brand owner CEDC awarded the UK distribution rights to First Drinks, which officially took over at the beginning of July.

Bizon joins Czeri – cherry – vodka in the Davna range, to which Marblehead is also planning to add honey, plum and quince flavours.

Bison grass vodka traditionally has a blade of the grass inside the bottle, which will be lacking from Davna Bizon as the Zubrowka brand has exclusive rights to this.

Marblehead business development director Dave Steward said its 40% abv Bizon was aiming for a “more intense bison grass style”. The off-trade rrp will be £17.99 for a 50cl bottle.

Marblehead is also lining up the first UK and cinema advertising for the Kraken spiced rum brand, which it handles in the UK on behalf of US producer Proximo Spirits.

Three ads from an American campaign will appear in cinemas and on on-demand TV in October and November, with an eye on both Halloween and pre-Christmas periods.

Steward said: “When we first launched, the plan was for on-trade brand building, but it’s proved to have very wide appeal and we’ve gone into broad retail distribution within a year. 

“We’re now in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose and are running a bit ahead of ourselves with distribution, so we’re doing some advertising to create a bit more consumer awareness.”

Marblehead has also added a rosé style to its Lillet range of vermouth-style fortified wines. 

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