Australian Vintage launches 5.5% abv wine

Australian Vintage has launched a 5.5% abv wine that comes in a clear pint bottle with crown cap.

Vinni is a sparkling Moscato that will be sold in eight-packs like a beer or cider.

The launch aims to tap into the tax break for lower-alcohol wines but also to draw new, younger consumers into the wine category.

European sales and marketing director Paul Schaafsma said: "There is a demographic of 18 to 25-year-olds we are still struggling to bring into the wine category. How can we bring younger consumers into wine at an earlier age? Certainly in the UK it is a challenge.

"[One way would be] putting it in a pack that maybe is more comfortable for the consumer at that age; delivering 5.5% abv so it is similar to beer, cider or spirits and mixers, and making it a bit trendy and a bit cool while still recognising the hand-crafted nature and quality of wine."

The wine is to launch this summer in convenience stores, where it will be stocked in fridges, and is to roll out to supermarkets later.

Schaafsma warned that poor quality low-alcohol wines could put consumers off wine altogether.

"The market has been flooded because they can sit on shelf for £4-£5 with brands people recognise so people assume they are getting value at that price," he said.

"But a lot of the wines don't taste very good. That is a problem for the perception of wine in this country. Are we going to lose wine consumers to cider, beer or spirits because the product no longer delivers the flavours and styles they are looking for?"

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