Fuller's releases seasonal stout

Fuller’s has launched a seasonal stout on draught, and plans to bottle it next year.

Black Cab Stout is a rich, dark beer made from five different malts, some of them heavily roasted. The cask version has 4.2% abv and will be in Fuller’s pubs in November and December.

It is named after London’s iconic black taxis.

Head brewer John Keeling said: “Stout is one of the stand-out beer styles of the UK beer scene, and it’s been some time since Fuller’s made one in draught. 

“The brewing team really showed their knowledge when we recreated an old double stout recipe for our Past Masters series earlier this year and they have shown once again that they know the way to make a great beer with Black Cab.

“I’m delighted with the results – the beer is complex, lighter on the palate than its dark appearance may suggest and very tasty.”

Brands marketing manager David Spencer said: “We wanted to give this new beer a strong identity, with some bold branding to make it stand out on an often busy bar counter. 

“Black Cabs are a much-loved emblem of London and we think customers will be hailing our new seasonal beer the length and breadth of the Fuller’s estate.”

Public relations officer Tony Johnson added: “The branding looks fantastic, and I’m sure it would stand out on the shelf as much as it does on the bar.”

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