Diageo aims to raise small stores' spirits

Diageo has launched a new category programme aimed at helping small stores make the most of spirits sales opportunities.

The scheme is called Focusing on Alcohol Sales Together – or FAST for short – and aims to use correct merchandising sales to reach spirits shoppers, who it says spend over 2.5 times the amount that an average shopper does, and 40% more than the average BWS shoppers.

The programme offers bespoke solutions to convenience retailers to give them a point of difference from supermarkets.

It will include maximising chiller space for the rapidly-growing pre-mixed spirits category.

A Free Your Spirits element aims to encourage retailers to bring spirits out from the behind the counter on to open sale on the shop floor. Qualifying retailers wil get a free kit of 48 security caps and advice on which spirits to use in such positions.

The scheme will also provide shelf-edge strips and other visibility items to improve the store layout and provide permanent off-shelf visibility units on wheels, to help retailers take advantage of seasonal bursts in demand for different products.

Guy Dodwell, channel director for route to market and convenience, said: "By identifying the opportunities present, and understanding the way consumers shop in the convenience channel, we have developed a programme that will help retailers to make the most of spirits sales by giving their consumers what they want in this retail environment."