I'm only doing my job

I have just been watching the news and had a little shock. The medical profession is starting to blame those who drink wine at home for the number of alcohol-related illnesses and deaths each year. I'm only young myself (21 ) but I feel quite strongly that while I'm recommending two bottles of wine to go with a meal, as well as making the customer aware of our three-for -two deal, I am now going to be selling wine to people who would, eight times out of 10, drink all three bottles in one night.

Should I be held responsible for people becoming ill just because I sold them that extra bottle? I'm only doing my job. Or maybe next Threshers would be held responsible for the said illnesses or deaths for running such a deal?

I feel that I do my best sometimes when suggesting the three-for -two deals as I say to the customers: "Well, if you want to take advantage of the deal but don't trust yourself not to drink all the bottles in one go, then leave the m here and pick them up one at a time. That way, you only have one bottle at home." Quite a few regular customers take advantage of this offer and think it's a great idea.

It's going to be funny to watch who gets blamed next - glassmakers for making bigger-sized glasses maybe?

Hayley Fraser

Sales assistant

Wine Rack, Hitchin

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