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Brands Report 2011

22 July, 2011

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Sales of Champagne have been eclipsed by sparkling wine in the off-trade for the first time, OLN’s 2010 Brands Report reveals.

Rough with the smooth

22 February, 2008

Some raised a glass in celebration, others cried into their beer. Graham Holter looks at the winning and losing drinks categories in this year's OLN Brands Report

Always look on the light side

22 February, 2008

Light wines enjoyed great success in 2007 compared with the previous year - and things continue to improve, writes Rebecca Evans

Despite the beer market virtually reaching a standstill, Carlsberg's brands continue to thrive, writes Christine Boggis

Things are looking up

22 February, 2008

The picture for the spirits category is looking much brighter than it did just five months ago, reports Laura Clark

Rise of the cava brands

22 February, 2008

Slowly but steadily sparkling wines from outside Champagne are gaining on their more traditional rivals. Last year half the top 10 sparkling wines in the UK off-trade were Champagnes - this year Nicolas Feuillatte has dropped from ninth to 12th place with a 5 per cent sales slump and been replaced by cava brand Marqués de Monistrol - leaving Champagne outnumbered.

Hopes for a 2008 revival

22 February, 2008

This time last year every fortified wine in the top 10 was losing sales, many in double-digit percentages. But at the end of January 2008 the market looked positively buoyant, with four of the top 10 growing sales, all by more than 10 per cent.

Is cider on the way down?

22 February, 2008

A cursory glance at the top 10 cider brands wouldn't necessarily make you think that this was the most buoyant sector of the off-trade.

RTDs continue to decline

22 February, 2008

The RTD market is declining, and some of the products that should have been the big hopes for the category - like Bacardi Breezer Half Sugar - are seeing sales plummet.

Ban does not stop smokers

22 February, 2008

The year 2007 must go down as one of the most difficult in the history of tobacco sales. In July smoking was banned in enclosed public places. In October the smoking age was raised from 16 to 18 and, to top it all off, legislation came into force that required all lighters to have child-safety mechanisms.

Health is still major driver

22 February, 2008

If you take clear leader Walkers out of the equation there are real signs of excitement in the growing bagged snacks market.