More no alcohol zones considered for Wales

More alcohol prohibition zones are being considered in Wales as a way to combat drink-related antisocial behaviour.

The Welsh Assembly has launched a consultation to manage the evening and night time economy and said introducing more zones was one option being considered.

A spokesman said: “Alcohol prohibition zones are one of the options to combat alcohol related problems. We will be funding four pilot projects across Wales to put the plans into action.”

An article in Wales on Sunday said there had been more calls for alcohol-free zones across Wales following an investigation by the newspaper into under-age drinking in Brackla, South Wales.

Local Labour councillor David Sage and Mark Hastings of the British Beer & Pub Association were among those making the call for more zones in specific areas.

Under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001, local authorities can designate public areas no drink zones if there is evidence that public nuisance, annoyance or disorder has been caused by people drinking alcohol there.

The move gives police the power to confiscate alcohol from people drinking in the zone or even fine or arrest them if they fail to comply with their request to hand over the alcohol.