Worker sues over drinks handling

A former

worker at Tesco is suing the company for religious discrimination after being asked to handle crates of drink as part of his job.

Fork lift driver Mohammed Ahmed, a Muslim, was employed at the multiple's depot in Lichfield, Staffs, last year, but left his job in February, claiming he had not been told that the job would involve moving drinks.

Ahmed alleged that he was victimised when he raised the issue and was told by a supervisor to "do the job or go home".

He told a tribunal in Birmingham: "It's in our religion that we are not allowed to handle alcohol. There

are equal opportunities that should protect me and my beliefs."

Tesco claimed Ahmed had been told at his induction the job involved handling alcohol and that efforts had subsequently been made to find him alternative employment in the warehouse.

Company solicitor Laura Canham claimed during the tribunal that Ahmed had given out "mixed messages", by at one point suggesting that it would be OK to handle Budweiser beer.

A Tesco spokeswoman added later: "All our managers

are trained to be culturally

sensitive. Everyone is welcome at Tesco,

we have an open door policy for all